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Air Ventilation Cleaning/ Maintenance (AHU)


Why Clean Duct Work?

There is a growing concern over the quality of air we breath, and for most of us that means a long period of time breathing air supplied to us through air conditioning systems.if you inspect any system after a period of time you will invariably find debris in the system. it may be a light dust build up or a bit more servere but it is there and the air that we breath passes through or over it. Over time all duct works build up grease, dust and debris which is a nesting ground for all sorts of bacteria especially when temperatures are risen. The air is then passed through the building causing risks to employees and the general public. Without the regular cleaning and maintainance the design to bring people fresh air may actually be doing more harm then good. 

Testing compliant with TR19 and BS EN15780 can be carried out by our operative and verified by an Independent UKAS Laboratory; South West Water. 

Legal Requirement

There are strict legal guidelines in place for duct cleaning leaving the building manager to ensure a good supply of clean air into the building, these can be found in B&ES TR19, BS EN15780, HTM 03-01 and TM26. 

Difco Test / Prefered Vacume Test (PVT)

At Gws we can also carry out tests in the ducting that will measure the ammount of dust/dirt in the system allowing use to determin the frequensy of the cleaning this is called a prefered vacume test of known as (PVT).

We can also carry out Difco tests which can measure and test the system for Bacteria, Moulds and Fungi. 

for more information on this please contact our sales team on 0800 169 5523.

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